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Great Skin and Party-Ready Lashes and Brows

Welcome to Lash & Beauty Haven. We are a small boutique salon, located just a stepping stone away from the very popular Bay Street in Port Melbourne. Our entry door is via Pool Street where you can comfortably find street parking just steps away from our salon doors.

Enhance your look and visit our friendly team. We specialise in advanced eyelash extension techniques including Russian Volume Lashes, and offer a specialized range of beauty services such as waxing, skin care advise, skin care products, IPL skin rejuvenation and IPL hair removal.

Professional Staff at Your Service

Our friendly and professional team of lash technicians and advanced skin and hair removal specialists are well trained, meticulous and committed to what they do. Customer service is of a high standard and beauty is our passion so you can breathe a sigh of relief and trust that you are in great hands.

Reputable Products and the Latest Equipment

We use exceptionally high-quality beauty equipment such as the LUX Series IPL machine and top skin care professional skin care range, local brandASAP.

For our lashes, we use only the best and everything is hygiene quality controlled and dermatologically tested for the safest applications.

Scroll down for Service Rates

Eye Lash Extensions

Specialising in High-End Volume Lash Extensions

  • Classic Glam Set:                                                                     $150
  • Classic lash Natural Set:                                                        $100
  • Classic lash 1-Hour Refill:                                                 $65-$80
  • For all lashes 30-Minute Lash touch up:                              $40
  • LashRemoval:                                                                            $40
  • Bottom Lashes Application:                                            $60-$80
  • Light weight Lash Set 2D Lash Set:                                      $200
  • ½ 2D Set very natural high grade volume lashes:              $150
  • Medium Weight Lash Set (3D-5D):                                         $250
  • Mega volume Lash Set (6D+):                                                 $300

RussianVolume Refills

We Use Only the Best Quality Lashes (Silk or Mink Available)

  • Half Volume Refill:                                                                     $80
  • Light 2D Refill (1 Hour):                                                            $100

  • Medium Weight Volume 3D-5D Refill (1 1/2 Hours):               $120
  • Mega Volume 6D+ (2 Hours):                                                  $150

PortaluxIPL Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation

  • Lip:                                      $40-$60
  • Chin:                                   $50-$90
  • Full Face:                           $90-$140
  • Underarm:                         $80
  • Bikini:                                  $40
  • Extended Bikini:                $90

  • Brazilian:                                  $110
  • Snail Trail:                                 $40
  • Stomach:                                  $110
  • Back or Chest:                        $220
  • Front and Back of Neck:         $90
  • Shoulders: $180
  • ½ Arms:                                   $110
  • Full Arms:                               $160
  • ½ Leg:                                     $180
  • Full Leg:                                 $320
  • XXX and Underarm:              $110
  • Small patch $20 (5-10 cent piece)

Number of Treatments and Treatment Frequency for Each Application:

  • Permanent Hair Reduction: 6-8 Treatments (Spaced 4-6 Weeks Apart)
  • Sun Spot Reduction: 4-6 Treatments (Spaced 4 Weeks Apart)
  • Vascular Lesions: 4-6 Treatments (Spaced 2-3 Weeks Apart)
  • Skin Rejuvenation: 4-6 Treatments (Spaced 4 Weeks Apart)
  • Acne Treatments: May Be Ongoing Weekly or Fortnightly
  •  Buy 3 treatments up front and receive  the 4th one for FREE 

Studio Lash-Lift

  • Eyelash Lift including complementary Eye Lash Tint: $100

Woman’s Waxing

  • Eyebrow Tidy:                            $20
  • Brows Sculpting:                       $35
  • Lip:                                              $15
  • Chin:                                            $15
  • Sides of Face:                            $20
  • Full Face:                                    $45
  • Underarms:                                $20

  • Full Arm:                                    $32
  • ½ Arm:                                        $25
  • Full Leg:                                     $38
  • ½ Leg:                                         $28
  • Bikini:                                          $25
  • G-String:                                     $32
  • XXX:                                            $50

  • Full Leg and XXX:                       $78
  • Half Leg and XXX:                      $70
  • Eyelash Tinting:                          $25
  • Eyebrow Tinting:                         $15
  • Eyebrow Tint and Wax:               $30

Henna Brow Tint ($30)

Lasts 2 Weeks or more - This is for you if you love a high definition, groomed and long lasting colour for your Eye Brows.

Eyebrow Henna Tint and Complete Eyebrow Transformation ($55)

Get your brows looking absolutely amazing! This includes the following:

  • Consultation
  • Colour Correction
  • Wax

  • Trim
  • Tweeze

Complete Eyebrow Reshape ($35)

For perfectly shaped brows:

  • Consultation
  • Wax

  • Trim
  • Tweeze

In order to keep brows maintained and neatly shaped, follow-up appointments every 3-4 weeks is advised.

Semi Permanent Make Up (cosmetic tattooing) using safe organically certified pigments

How long is this appointment?

It can take from 1.5 up to 2 hours with most of the time spent going over colours and drawing in shapes.

Does it hurt?


What about sterility?

We use sterile disposable needles and wherever possible single use sterile disposable medical supplies for every procedure. Needles are NEVER reused

Permanent Cosmetic procedures can be very subtle or dramatic depending on what you are looking for.

  •  EYEBROWS                                                           $580
  •  EYELINER TOP AND BOTTOM                           $580
  •  LIP LINER AND BLEND                                        $550
  •  LASH ENHANCEMENT                                       $380

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